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Welcome to planet BONDIT-22. In this parallel universe, meet your duck doppelganger as he “lives laughs loves” through college; he takes the same lectures, goes to the exact locations you do, and finds the next move for parties. Please sit back and relax as he guides you through the turmoil and turbulence of college life.



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The Best Way to

Schedule and Socialize!


Main Features

1. Add Your Course!

Lost on how to schedule classes during your first semester in college? Don’t fret! With Bondit, browse your type of interest, create your own mock schedule, and view your classmates beforehand!


Main Features

2. Socialize!

Do you need to contact your classmates? Chat them on Bondit! Bondit has already assembled your classmates in a group chat for you. No need to waste your time looking up each one of your classmatesʼ profile on other social media platforms or waiting for their replies through email. We know youʼre a busy college student.


Main Features

3. Explore!

New school, new semester, new me? Use bondit for your ultimate makeover. Ever bored on a Friday night? Check Bondit for an updated list of all ongoing campus events – day and night affairs. All you need to do is click on the forum section and find your upcoming/ongoing parties. Now. Are you ready to go wild?


Are you pacing back and forth between wanting alone time and having raging FOMO? More than relatable. Keep yourself updated with your school’s juiciest tea through Bondit’s real-time updated Anonymous Forum.


Main Features

4. Locate!

Friend gone MIA? Forgot to add your friends’ location? Their location doesn’t show on “snap” or “findme”? Well, forget all of this. Locate your friends on Bondit’s “Map”! 
*You may turn on/off your location; if turned on, the last logged-in location will be shown to others 


Main Features

5. Distinguish!

In desperate need for a charger at a 9am lecture? Out of toilet paper in your dorm bathroom and not know who to ask? Bondit has your back. Filter and categorize your friends based on which form, major, school, interest, nationality, gender, etc.


Pointing system

Are you a Diamond 

or a Bronze?

Upgrade your Bondit Level by earning certain amount of points to become our highest ranked user and unlock special privileges based on your level. 








Bondit Community

Why Bondit?

Read all about the cool features and elements the Bondit community has to offer! Extensive profiles, incredible gamification system, friendly forums and much more!

Course Scheduling

With Bondit, you can not only browse through the courses but also make unlimited amounts of edits without having to log in, return to search page, and reload the page to add/drop.

Finding class mate

Bondit has the ultimate package including not only the course details — time, location, and instructor — but also your classmates for you to check when creating your schedule.


No more screenshotting and saving your schedule as your wallpaper to check your schedule. Add the Bondit Widget to check your schedule now!

Color Customizing

Time for you to customize your schedule! With Bondit, customize your weekly schedule so you’re aesthetically pleased every time you check your device.

Private / Group Chat

You show up to your lecture, but no ones in the room. Keep calm, Open Bondit, and ask your classmates in the group chat class Group Chat to ask your classmates. No need to send DMs to every single one of your classmates.

Anonymous / Event Board

Keep up with your college’s juiciest tea and fruitiest tips. You don’t want to hear that your parent is cheating with your best friend after you get dumped, right?

Bondit Community

Asked Questions

Bondit is a class scheduling and socializing application. In Bondit, you can easily add & check your courses and communicate with classmates. More than 72% of college students still use outdated methods (school website, ppt, excel, notion, etc…) to organize their class schedules. In Bondit, you can easily search and add your courses on your weekly calendar.

Only verified college students can use Bondit. Users must receive verification through their college email or college certification.

Yes, we are a secure app. Our corporation is officially based in Delaware and has received angel funds from well-known investors/institutions.

Mandatory verification of student status through the university email address guarantees Bondit’s safety & security. You may turn on/off your location at any moment of your choice. All of your personal data will be encoded. Your personal data will NOT be overused.

You can text Bondit by clicking on the top of your message box or send us an email at bondit.contact@gmail.com.

Send us an email at bondit.contact@gmail.com. Your account will be deleted within 3 days.


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